Takahē Systematic Trend Program


The Systematic Trend program is a “classic” trend following program. It’s long-term in nature, resilient in design, and live since October 2017.

The program has an absolute return objective and does not follow any benchmark or index. Our aim to generate returns which are uncorrelated to other investments and substantially higher than the return on cash.

All trading signals depend on price and no other inputs are needed. The program trades about 90 futures markets across many different sectors. All markets are traded long as well as short, and the same rules apply to all markets.

Key Features
  • Hunting outlier moves in both tails of the distribution
  • Aiming to deliver attractive absolute returns in rising and falling markets
  • No dynamic position sizing in response to volatility and/or correlation
  • Long-term approach to capturing trends and no short-term trading
  • Broad access to trends across several asset classes
  • Integration of options to increase the exposure to outlier price moves and manage risk
  • Clear, consistent, and robust design
How to Invest

This program is available through separately managed accounts.

Managed accounts allow clients to create a bespoke investment exposure, customizing among others liquidity, funding levels, as well as risk and market exposures.


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