We acknowledge the many responsibilities we have when interacting with financial markets and society. Our aim is to prevent harm, help where we can, and contribute to the reliable functioning of organized markets. Overall, we strive to leave the world a better place.

As an independent and employee-owned company, trust, reliability, and integrity form the core of our business principles. Takahē Capital seeks to conduct all its business activities in a responsible manner for the benefit of its investors, its employees and stakeholders, the local community, as well as the overall industry.

We endeavor to implement our investment programs and funds with the least possible impact on each of the markets we trade. Although we seek to take advantage of market anomalies, we do not want to cause any. As of today, Takahē Capital does not trade or hold positions in single stocks or corporate debt instruments. Hence, we cannot exercise voting rights or actively impact or control a company’s management or decision-making processes. 

In our view, the concept of responsible investing goes beyond the incorporation of environmental, social, and government factors into our investment process. By trading on public and regulated derivatives exchanges, we act as a risk transfer agent, taking on speculative risks that other market participants are not willing to take. We provide liquidity to other market participants, including commercial traders and hedgers, and support the proper functioning of markets in the process. 

Please contact us to request our ESG Policy.