Takahē Capital

A quantitative investment manager targeting absolute returns through resilient trading strategies. Research-driven, and risk-focused.


Targeting High absolute returns

We have the courage to challenge how most investors think about risk and accept volatility in the pursuit of higher long-term returns


Emphasizing Capital Preservation

We seek to implement asymmetric trades which risk a little to win a lot. This grounds our trading process in a robust and resilient core


Maximizing Global Diversification

We trade a large number of markets across several sectors. We also trade spreads, alternative markets, and longer-dated contracts


Unique Alpha and Less Correlation

We trade an ensemble of independent strategies across multiple timeframes, producing a unique and uncorrelated return stream


Our Global Quantitative Fund is a systematic fund designed to capture and capitalize on price trends in global markets. Using an ensemble approach, it combines several quantitative strategies in a single portfolio with the aim of creating a unique and uncorrelated return stream.

The fund has an absolute return objective and accepts volatility in the pursuit of high returns. Risking a little to potentially win a lot means losing trades are kept small, which in turn concentrates the fund’s volatility in large winning trades – an approach that is protective and lucrative at the same time. It also produces a positively skewed trade outcome, which is a valuable and effective driver of return compounding.

Many of the strategies traded inside the fund have been researched and designed since 2003. They have a long history of generating attractive returns for investors across various market environments, deriving performance from trends in rising and falling markets.

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