What We Do

Takahē Capital is a private, Munich-based investment manager that trades a diverse and evolving set of quantitative strategies in the global markets. We research, design and trade systematic investment strategies which extend over multiple trading frequencies, instruments, and methods.  

Our aim is to generate uncorrelated returns well ahead of the return on cash across a wide range of market environments. Achieving this aim requires each system to have a clear and resilient design. In other words, a robust core which does not break down during adverse market environments. 

While we are quant-driven investors, we also have considerable expertise in areas that involve discretion. We use a combination of tools to uncover and capture attractive return sources across a broad array of asset classes. We also add unique value through our integration of option-based delta-replacement and risk management trades into an otherwise fully rules-based investment process. This hybrid approach improves our returns and sets us apart in the quantitative investing space.