How it all started: Twoquants

Moritz S. and Moritz H. started working together in 2016. Today, the two Moritz’s are colloquially known as the “M&M’s” through their work at – a website they decided to launch in 2018 to write about quantitative trading strategies.

In addition to trading-related resources and insights, the Twoquants website opened a door to what used to be known as the 2Q Portfolio. The M&M’s were trading the 2Q Portfolio live and with real money since 2017, i.e., with skin in the game, and their weekly 2Q Newsletter provided details around the portfolio’s current P&L and positioning.

Starting in 2019, many readers contacted us about a possibility to invest as they appreciated our transparency and performance. Ultimately, that’s why we decided to launch Takahē Capital: to make “our best shot at the markets” investable. Today, the 2Q Portfolio is the Takahē Global Quantitative Program.

The Twoquants website and our Methods to the Madness newsletter remain active today, and we invite readers to subscribe to our publications.

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