Our values

Every organization has its own distinctive culture, essentially a set of values and building blocks which establish a company’s DNA. How do we work and communicate with each other? How can we best help our clients? How can we stick to our strategic compass and achieve our goals?

Having principled answers to these questions is paramount as it creates internal alignment and a sense of purpose, which in turn leads to good behavior and motivates everyone to give his or her best.

Takahē Capital’s day-to-day business is focused on the development and implementation of systematic, resilient trading strategies; on risk management and capital preservation; on separating the signal from the noise and generating attractive returns for our investors. This is what we’re here for, and our culture allows us to make it happen.


We’re passionate about what we do. We love our investment strategies and how they can help our clients’ long-term investment objectives.


We’re driven by our own trading experience and what works in real world markets. We’re not purely academic.


Coming up with good, resilient trading systems is hard. We love the challenge and don’t give up because something looks tough.


We’re quants who bring an empirical, data-driven mindset to investing. While our trading proecss combines man + machine, we always remain guided by the data.